Jimi Hendrix Way Ahead of His Time With “Send My Love To Linda”

More lost treasures have been released on the new Jimi Hendrix album “Both Sides of The Sky.” One track that really resonates with me is “Send My Love To Linda.”

The third volume of an astounding collection of unreleased tracks has been officially by Jimi Hendrix. Both Sides of The Sky, showcases the versatility of Hendrix and may have exceeded the initial expectations prior to the release. The albums that precede Both Sides Of The Sky, are 2010 release Valleys of Neptune and People, Hell and Angels, which released in 2013.

In addition to the wide-range talent expressed by Hendrix on this album, one track in particular shows the true musical genius that he was. “Send My Love To Linda” has that sort of grunge sound that hadn’t really come to fruition until the mid-80’s. The fact all of these recordings were recorded in the 60’s, display how far ahead Hendrix was mentally in regards to rock music.

Grunge is basically a sub-genre of alternative rock music. Generally, we tend to credit the city of birth of grunge music to Seattle, Washington. But, mostly you hear about Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam as the “founders” of grunge music. If you listen to “Send My Love To Linda” you can definitively hear a resemblance to some of their music discography as well. Personally, I can easily envision Kurt Cobain or Chris Cornell on this record.

In January of 1970, both Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell, Band of Gypsy‘s bass player Bill Cox joined Hendrix at his Greenwich Apartment for some jam sessions. That’s when and where “Send My Love To Linda” was recorded. The combination of Hendrix and Cox on the guitar and bass was absolutely stunning on this record.

“Send My Love to Linda” captures Hendrix playing a skeletal, almost Kurt Cobain-esque minor-key riff before exploding into his more customary pyrotechnics,” says Slant Magazine’s Zachary Hoskins.

It was quite refreshing coming across this statement in a Both Sides of The Sky album review. For a while there, I thought my ears were playing tricks on me. There was no way I was the only one who heard that. To conclude, after actually hearing this record, possibly Hendrix needs more credit for the birth of grunge music. Sounds like he was at least 10 years ahead of time musically. Of course, the lyrics indicate he is “sending his love” to Linda Keith.

Hear it for yourself.




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