The Sound of Ghosts Release New Single “Perfect Pair”

Americana roots musical collective The Sound of Ghosts have officially released a new single entitled “Perfect Pair.”

The Sound of Ghosts are an Americana roots musical collective hailing from Los Angeles, California. The five-piece collective of accomplished musicians has crafted a musical experience unlike any other with their unique arrangements and a vast variety of influences. A culmination of traditional front porch Americana, folk-laden melodies, and vintage rock’n’roll. I guess you could say they’ve succeeded in bringing their own edge to this timeless genre of music.

sounds of ghosts new

The band includes James Orbison (vocals, bass), Anna Orbison (vocals, ukulele), Ernesto Rivas (lead guitar), Phoebe Silva (fiddle) and Jon Sarna (drums). Together, they’ve pushed the boundaries of typical Americana and created an ever-evolving sound demonstrating the diversity of each of their own different musical backgrounds. Included in this are elements of classic rock, musical theatre, country and everything in between.

“Everyone’s different perspective is an essential part to the diverse sound we create.” – Rivas explains.

The Sound of Ghosts was formed in memory of the band’s friend Dave Lamb, who passed away too soon from Leukaemia. Orbison was touched and inspired by the impact Lamb had made on not only him but also the community around him. To cope with his grief, Orbison rediscovered his passion for writing and playing again.

Their upcoming release entitled Delivery and Departure is filled with diverse soundscapes and a multitude of sonic textures. The new music is set to be an immersive listening experience.

“I hope it inspires people to look at the world in a little different way. Notice the things around you… that’s what we write songs about.” – Anna explains.

“Perfect Pair” features traditional roots elements with layered harmonies, encompassing brass melodies and an impressive string arrangement.


With their growing fan base in California and authentic sound, The Sound of Ghosts is ready for their next musical endeavor with the release of Delivery and Departure due early 2018.


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