Percival Elliott Releases New Single “Forever”

The new indie-folk duo, Percival Elliott has officially released a new single entitled “Forever.”

Percival Elliott is an indie-folk rock duo from England. They’re formed with the belief that true friends can create something meaningful. Olly Hite and Samuel Carter-Brazier united to grace audiences with their poignant lyricism and neo-nostalgic melodies and have since been captivating listeners at sold-out shows across the UK.

Titled in memory of Hite’s great-grandfather, Percival Elliott, born in 1883 was an inventor who created one of the first ice-cream emporiums in Brighton. After discovering a dusty box of trinkets in the back of Hite’s family attic, the untouched time capsule unveiled Percival Elliott’s mysterious inventions, engraved ice-cream paraphernalia, haunting photographs and time-honored war medals. The revelation of these long-forgotten hidden treasures became embedded within the duo’s imagination and musical creativity and thus Percival Elliott was reborn.

Their new single “Forever,” is the first single to be released from the duo’s upcoming album Save Your Soul. Inspired by the likes of Jeff Buckley, The Beatles, and Father John Misty, “Forever” is a gracefully heartfelt and atmospheric song about eternal love. Hite reveals, “Forever” is about a chance meeting with someone. Sparks and butterflies, even if it’s just for a second, that feeling can last forever”. The use of yearning lyricism seamlessly blended together with Hite’s celestial vocals and Carter-Brazier’s soothing guitar.


The duo is known for their signature style of hard-hitting piano melodies, rhythmic guitars, and retro vocal harmonies, all underpinned by a string quartet.

“Forever” illustrates the band’s desire to create music that makes the hairs on your neck stand up, “We want to make the listener feel alive” Hite expresses.

Percival Elliott’s successes to date include a national tour with numerous UK charting artists, as well as collaborating with the likes of Fatboy Slim. Percival Elliott is now ready for the next chapter of their musical endeavor with the highly anticipated release of Save Your Soul, which is due early 2018. Keep up with their upcoming releases coming in 2018 by checking out their website. Also be sure to follow them on all social media platforms.





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