Back 2 Zero Releases New EP “Here, Alone”

Up-and-coming alternative rock band Back 2 Zero releases new EP entitled “Here, Alone.”

You never quite know when you’ll come across a new band/artist. Well, that’s the beauty and the mission for this website. I’m in a Third Eye Blind Fan Group on Facebook, and came across Back 2 Zero‘s guitarist/lead singer Niko Emanuilidis. He introduced me to listen to his band Back 2 Zero’s new EP Here, Alone.

here alone

The project is absolutely phenomenal and quite refreshing. With today’s genre of alternative rock seemingly leaning more towards the pop rock sound, Back 2 Zero brings back that up-tempo, funky guitar and strong vocals back to alternative music.

“Throw You Out” sets the tone for the entire EP. A high energy, up-beat rock jam that even fans of different genres of music can enjoy. It was probably my favorite song on the entire project. “Irony” is definitely a softer rock jam that could definitely be a mainstream hit.

Overall, Back 2 Zero has emerged onto the scene as an up-and-coming rock band. They’ve played recent shows in New York, and may again be on the road here soon. For now, stay in touch with what they have coming next by checking out their website, and following them on all social media platforms.







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