Denny Laine Reflects on 44 Years of “Band On The Run” Album

Denny Laine was able to chat with me to reflect on the 44-year Anniversary of the album “Band On The Run.”

Earlier this week, it was the 44-year anniversary of the album Band On The Run by Paul McCartney and The Wings. Band on The Run was the third album by Paul McCartney and The Wings, which was released on December 5th in 1973. The album went on to receive a great deal of success.


In 2000, Q Magazine had the album as the 75th on their “Top 100 Greatest British Albums Of All-Time.” Then, in 2002, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Band on the Run as the 418th on their revised list of the “Top 500 Greatest Albums of All-Time.” Not to mention, the album peaked at number one on the US Billboard Top 200.

Obviously, everyone knows the song, but the album added that much more to the not only Paul McCartney’s legacy, but created one for songwriter/guitarist Denny Laine as well. Luckily, with the excitement of the 44th Anniversary celebration, I was able to have a phone interview with Denny to reflect on the album, talk about the recording process, having friendly competitions with Eric Clapton, some of his solo work, new music and much more.


Also, Denny released two songs as a double single over the summer.

“Meant To Be”


“Over The Horizon”

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