Q&A with ETATE on New Album “Halls of Echoes”

Midwest hip-hop artist ETATE has officially released his new album Halls of Echoes.

Most people enjoy an album that helps you get to know an artist on a more personal level. That’s just what ETATE provides with his latest album release Halls of Echoes.

His previous release In The Night, was definitely an album for a night out on the town. Meanwhile, this album draws the listener in for a deep, inseparable vibe. Since ETATE is a hip-hop artist there is a quality mixture of both rap and R&B throughout Halls of Echoes.


From a personal standpoint, I enjoyed “Vulnerable,” “Loud Silence,” and “Visions,” the most on the album. Not that this is any indication whether it’s a good song or not, but I could see those songs resonating the most with typical hip-hop fans. “Visions” was the most refreshing track for me. It had that 2009 Kanye West vibe. I knew about one minute into the song that I would add it to my playlist. The project as a whole is so authentic. Everything you hear throughout the album, ETATE produced and wrote all on his own. Very rare these days within the music industry.

Due to the fact we both reside from Fort Wayne, Indiana, it was an absolute pleasure to ask ETATE a few questions in regards to his new album.

Q& A with ETATE

Me: So Halls of Echoes is a little different than your last project “In The Night” talk about the influence behind this new album?

ETATE: Well, it’s legit based off of hard past love experiences and impacting the new generation of music and fine arts which was thoroughly expressed in the song “visions”. Also, with this project, I took the initiative to be inspired by myself. I didn’t listen to anyone else during the entire process of making the album. No Kanye West. No Travis Scott. No Weeknd. No Daft Punk. No outside production or engineering. I used my own sound as much as possible although we all have our obvious influences. So I used no outside help whatsoever. No co engineers like usual. I handled it on my own. I wanted this project to handle my first tour so I made sure it sounded like ETATE.

Me: I really enjoyed the album. Not that your past projects weren’t good, but this one I felt like I truly got to know ETATE on a personal level. Have you been in contact with any record labels on a possible record deal or do you have your own brand?

ETATE: Thank you massively my guy! As far as deals and labels go, I moved to atlanta while creating the album and was presented a deal by “Blacktop ENT” and I turned the deal down because I’m still working to sign with G.O.O.D Music. So I moved back upon the album being done and turning that deal down to build an independent label with Chicago Rapper, Former G.O.O.D Music Signee, Kanye West Go-Getter Group Mate, Writer of “All Of The Lights” by Kanye West and Featured on “We Major” by Kanye West, and still a major friend of Kanye West, “ReallyDoe”. He and I have been talking about this for a while and at the top of 2018 have big plans. He’s my dude, big bro, and OG. Very great relationship. I’m also talking and working with “Joe 3H” which is actually who discovered Kanye West as explained on “Last Call” on College Dropout. He was an A&R at Capitol Record before going to interscope. These are great friends and relationships of mine that I dreamed of my whole life so in due time things will be in full effect. So there’s many things going on but you never know what’ll truly take off first.

Me: That’s dope man. Sometimes it’s all about networking and meeting new people. Looks like tons coming soon for old and new fans to enjoy. You mentioned a tour earlier, is that what’s coming next?

ETATE: Well it’s a plan. Still being reviewed and the correct venues being found, but A LOT of shows will be done in 2018. At minimum 52.

Me: That’s a lot. I’ve seen you live before, so be sure to have one close to the city! So if you were to give anyone advice that was an up-and-coming artist what would it be?

ETATE: I would say make sure that they build strong relationships in anyway that they can and travel doing shows as much as possible. Know themselves as a brand and deeply invest in yourself. More than anything, TAKE RISK. Don’t live safe. Whatsoever. Grind like there’s no tomorrow and be sure to remain persistent to get it and then be consistent to keep it.

Me: Couldn’t have said it better myself man. Wise words. So lastly, talk about a few tracks off Halls of Echoes that you think the fans should give their extra attention to?

ETATE: My honest opinion is the 1st 5 tracks. Those are literally the heartbeat of the album. They have the arena sound and the concepts of them are very deep and ambient. I feel like the last 5 are fillers, but they’re good records, but that first 5 do something to your mind. Even when I perform them. The entire direction of them are mind boggling and bigger than life on a performance and design level. I just can’t wait to bring the full stage design, lighting technique, and performance aspect to it. Of course, it’ll take a bigger budget, but when it happens it’s going to be major. All in Gods timing.

Me: Can’t wait to see you perform some of these songs in your upcoming live shows. Thanks so much for joining us to talk about the album and we’ll be on the lookout for what you have coming in the near future!

ETATE: Thank you for the love and having me my guy.

A dreamer with endless ambition. He’s one of the hardest workers in the music industry where I’m from. The album is a must listen for all hip-hop fans. It’s available on all digital platforms so feel free to give it a listen. You can follow ETATE on all social Networks.




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