Jaden Smith Releases His Debut Studio Album “Syre”

Jaden Smith speaks directly from the heart on his debut studio album “Syre.”

The 19-year-old actor-rapper-fashion icon Jaden Smith has officially emerged onto the scene as a respected hip-hop artist. So much of what both he and his sister Willow Smith do is often overshadowed by their parents. Probably rightfully so. But, with the release of his debut album Syre, he should earn a lot of respect from the rest of the hip-hop world.


Released today by Roc Nation, on the album Smith describes himself as “the boy whose words seem to never make sense.” From what I’ve attained in research by digging through his social media, he began working on this album three years ago. One noticeable unique aspect of the album is the first four tracks on the album are entitled “Blue,” but are four separate songs.

Two albums that instantly come to mind when it comes to production on Syre, are Frank Ocean‘s Blonde, and Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo.” Ironic enough, I didn’t personally enjoy TLOP, but did enjoy Syre. But, they definitely had multiple similarities.

Throughout the album, Smith voices his opinion on a variety of different topics. Whether it’s the Illuminati, Harry Potter, or even baby ghost Elvis Presley. There are only two featured artists on the entire masterpiece and that includes A$AP Rocky and Raury. Which was another thing I personally enjoyed the album. It’s a great way to listen to what Smith is saying and get a feel for him as an artist.

Along with the album, Smith decided to drop an official video for one of the tracks on the project entitled “Icon.”


Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the production, lyrics, and talent exhibited on this album. There are 17 tracks, and I didn’t feel like it was too many. My personal favorite tracks from the project include “Blue,” “Ninety,” “Lost Boy,” and “Batman.” This album should be more than enough to put a stamp on the hip-hop world and many Millennials will enjoy this project. Don’t be surprised if this album peaks high on the US Billboards Top 200 list.


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