Morrissey Officially Releases His New Album “Low in High School”

Morrissey has finally released his 11th studio album “Low in High School.”

There’s a certain comforting feeling about the release of the new Morrissey album. a lot has occurred prior to this release that makes it’s anticipation that much more significant. For starters, he is fresh off signing a new record contract. Which, has his fans across the world dying to hear his 11th masterpiece.

Quite possibly, the promotion of the new album Low in High School, was overshadowed by Morrissey’s desire to make controversial public statements. Most recently, he used a BBC 6 Live Broadcast to imply that Ukip’s leadership contest was rigged to prevent Anne Marie Waters from winning. Waters is an openly anti-Islam candidate.

As mentioned earlier, a lot has preceded this album. Not for the album itself, which nonetheless is a brilliant return to the music world. The opening song, “My Love, I’d Do Anything for You”  is consumed of abrasive guitars and funky electronics. Distinctly in the background, a plethora of distorted screams.

Ultimately, it comes down to whatever you personally expect for a Morrissey solo album. There were definitely some tracks that resonate with me personally. I usually base albums off of how many songs do I add to my playlist. I have a playlist on Spotify that is basically a compilation of all of my favorite songs. If an album is good, I should add at least a couple songs from it in my opinion. From Low in High School, I added “When You Open Your Legs,” and “My Love, I’d Do Anything For You.” Of course, you probably don’t do the same. But, overall I give this album 3/5 stars. It was pretty good, but honestly it gets two stars simply because it’s Morrissey.


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