Nyzzy Nyce Drops New Single “They Don’t”

Los Angeles hip-hop artist Nyzzy Nyce drops new single “They Don’t.”

It seems like it’s been forever and a day since Los Angeles native Nyzzy Nyce released a mixtape or an album. Back in 2016, Nyzzy released both Lettin’ Go and Lost in Paris.

Since then, he’s released five new bangers and a collaborative track with Blue Stahli entitled “Run The Track.” It remains unknown whether or not Nyzzy will feature any of his new songs on either a mixtape or an upcoming album. But, they’re definitely quality new singles to enjoy until an official release date is announced in the near future.

His latest single, “They Don’t,” is a straight club banger. Overall, it’s a motivational track to influence you to make money. The chorus says it all,

“They don’t wanna see a n**** gettin’ money, they don’t wanna see a n**** gettin’ blunted, They don’t wanna see n**** gettin’ commas, they don’t wanna see a n**** poppin’ bottles.”

If you check Nyzzy’s SoundCloud, he has a few other bangers for any hip-hop fan to enjoy. To follow along with what he has coming in the future follow him on Twitter as well @NyzzyNyce.


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