Review for Wiz Khalifa’s Laugh Now, Fly Later

It’s been a prolonged absence from Wiz Khalifa in the hip-hop world. All is well after his latest release, “Laugh Now, Fly Later.”

One thing that irks me is when people say, “Wiz isn’t the same.” It’s not even just him. People say the same for Kanye West,Jay-Z and many others. Music changes so much that it’s unfair to wish for music the artist made years ago. The artists mature and different things influence them and their music. For the most part, I️ feel like Wiz Khalifa has maintained his sound and takes me back to previous Mixtapes or albums with his new releases.

s latest mixtape, Laugh Now, Fly Later takes me back to his 2011 release of Cabin Fever. It definitely has that same sound. A perfect combination of bangers and motivational tracks to make more money. I’m not gonna sit here and break down track-by-track, but there are a few tracks that I’d like to highlight.

“Letterman,” is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to this project. Khalifa actually dropped this track a day before the mixtape release, and there wasn’t a better song to get the Taylors’ excited about the project. It’s catchy, and the beat was absolutely slain. As per usual, it’s a project filled with anthems to smoke and party to. Which of course is definitely a strength that Khalifa carries with each one of his projects.

One of the things that the fans should be able to enjoy, other than the opening track “Royal Highness,” which features Casey Veggies, Khalifa is all you’ll hear on the mixtape. For the Flight School and Kush And Orange Juice fans, ‘EZ Rider‘ made his return on this project as well in my personal favorite track “Plane 4 U.” From what’s being said on Twitter, most of the perception is “Figure It Out” is the track that resonates with people the most. It’s definitely another motivational and chill-vibe song from the Khalifa fan as he sings,

“Sometimes things ain’t gon’ work out how you think you want it to go,

Sometimes you gotta keep going when you think you can’t no mo,

Sometimes you can’t depend on who you think can oh no,

Sometimes you gotta try, gotta try, gotta try and figure it out.”

This is Khalifa’s third project this year. Back in June, he released a pair of EP’s entitled Pre-Rolleds and Bong Rips. After months of confusion with the title of his next album, on the track “City of Steel,” Khalifa reassures the fans the upcoming album will indeed be titled, Khalifa Kush.

From recent Daytoday vlogs, Khalifa has been caught working with Pharrell Williams. It’s unknown whether or not it’ll be on the album, but it’s just enough to keep the fans anticipating that joint project. Also, according to HotNewHipHop, he has also been working with PartyNextDoor as well. For now, enjoy this project and wait patiently for the album release.


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