New Jams Thursday: Gucci Mane and Big K.R.I.T

It would be pretty hard to find someone having a better week than Gucci Mane. In addition to releasing his 11th studio album Mr. Davis on Sunday, on Oct.17 Mr. 1017, married his long-term girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir in a star studded event that was shown on BET that had twitter in a full-on frenzy.

To be honest, I was not an early devotee of Gucci Mane. It did not help that for a time with every new Gucci jam there seemed to be a new messy drama. Until Guwop decided he had enough. The Glow up, maturation, evolution of Radric Davis has been one of the more interesting stories in popular culture. If we want to admit it or not frame tends to allow and even promote a pushing off of responsibility and growth for those touched by it. Time and time again we have seen the bright light of stardom burn people to a crisp.

However, Gucci Mane very publicly struggled with his demons and made a choice to fight them and just as important replace them with better habits. If you are moving right with age comes wisdom. In that vain Gucci teamed up with two of Detroit’s finest Big Sean and Key Wane for the ninth track on the previously mentioned Mr. Davis album entitled “Changed.”

The track is produced by Key Wane and it is subtle and easy on the ear. Big Sean not only sings the hook, but also provides a verse. As the song title suggest this one is all about reflecting on the differences that time and maturity have brought about. In his only verse on the track, Gucci gets straight to the point when he says;

“Old Gucci Mane was addicted to dranking
New Gucci Mane, I’m addicted to Franklins
No, we not the same, I’m evolving
I’ma elevate long as the world keeps revolving”

There is a clarity to Gucci Mane now that we all hope is here to stay. You can find Gucci Mane on twitter @gucci1017.



The second half of this week’ selections is from one of my favorite artists, none other than Big K.R.I.T. Keep the devil Off is the second single off of Big K.R.I.T.’s soon to be released double album 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time. Krizzle shines yet again as a songwriter and track producer. What I truly enjoy about Big K.R.I.T. ‘s music is his ability to stay true to his southern roots without being boxed in by them. K.R.I.T. could have sampled part of the gospel-inspired track, but having live instruments accompany his and Nikki Greer‘s vocals add so much more to this song. His willingness to choose right over easy has kept K.R.I.T. always relevant even when his popularity has waned.

“Keep the Devil Off,” has a video treatment and it was directed by Alex Nazari. Not your typical performance video, it only features Big K.R.I.T. carrying out a praise dance-like routine while in big block white letters the phrase “Lord Be My Witness” and “Keep the devil Off” flash across the screen. Shot in low light with a heavy use of shadow the video has a film noir feel despite its bend toward jubilance. It’s just another example of how K.R.I.T. will take an established convention and flip it on its head. Big K.R.I.T. can be found on twitter @BigKRIT.

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