Vibez Of The Week: Surprise Party

We’re introducing a new feature here at Latest Music Vibez every Friday. At noon (12pm ET), I’ll release a weekly playlist that are either brand new tracks from the week, or new songs that I came across during the course of the week from up-and-coming artists and bands.

The weekly playlist will be abbreviated to just 20 songs a week. Obviously, that makes the process that much more difficult. Since everyone has their own preferences on what genre of music they enjoy, I’ll guarantee to try a mix in a variety of different genres. That way everyone can enjoy some new music from today’s best artists and bands. I’ll also title each playlist with every release — as you see above this week’s is titled “Surprise Party.” The title will actually be a song that is featured in the playlist as well.

For my first playlist, I’ve incorporated a diverse mix of hip-hop with Le$, Hoodie Allen, all the way to some alternative from Phoenix, Lo Moon and more. Enjoy this week’s playlist and be sure to contact me directly if you would like to introduce me to any other up-and-coming artists/bands that you enjoy. Either contact via Twitter @dchendrix, email us on the contact page, or simply comment below. Enjoy this week’s vibe!



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