New Jams Thursday: Lute and Sabrina Claudio

The commonality of this week’s New Jams Thursday songs is they both strive to crystalize an important moment. Both of our featured artist Lute and Sabrina Claudio capture two important moments in songs digging deep into the painful, glorious and ultimately freeing emotions that life brings.

First up from North Carolina and signed to J. Cole‘s Dreamville imprint is Lute. In the waning day of September, Lute released his debut album West 1996 Pt.2. This project, which was a follow up to a solid mixtape West 1996, was pushed back many times but it finally saw the light of the day and there are more bright spots than dull moments.

Obliviously, influence by Atlanta’s Goodie Mob, Lute’s rap style is both creative yet blunt. That style is on full display in “Ford’s Prayer.”

In this song, Lute performs an act of duality asking his higher power for strength to carry him through the hardships and the setback while thanking him for the grace and good fortune that helped him to event get to this point. Assisted on the track by Cam O’ bi, this hook lead song features two great verses from Lute. In the second verse because of the tenor of the song Lute’s brash words land closer to graciousness than braggadocios. As he rifts;

“How did he get signed? It’s my fucking time
I never sold a gram or crack or had to bust a dime
I got it out the mud, like nigga, look at how it shine
You never make it from the Ford when nigga watch the grind
That’s why is Westside nigga when I fucking rhyme
Now these niggas looking at me like hold, swole, slow it down
Should have been around when I hit the ground running
Never seen it coming when I drop ‘Still Slummin’
Now it’s fours in the air ’cause the whole city love it.”


You should give the rest of West 1996 Pt. 2 a listen. You can find Lute on twitter @lute_west9.


The second half of the New Jams Thursday tandem comes from California. Not to be too on the nose, but Sabrina Claudio’s “Frozen” gave me the chills. Claudio’s About Time album arrived on October 5th, and while it is a really strong collection of ballads that pair well with the young singer’s airy, yet smoke tone “Frozen” is simply a different kind of song.

Produced by Derek Renfroe and Alex Tanas this song leaps from your listening device and attaches itself to you. It is not a particularly catchy song it just sticks with you, maybe it the guitar cords or the way every note, pause, and restart seems to be perfectly aligned, but it is a song that you want to hear again. I would dare say it the type of song that you hope to connect a really good life moment with and remember fondly.

To think that last than two years ago Claudio informal music career started with her uploading a few songs to SoundCloud and how this summer she will embark a North American tour. Fortunately, DC is a stop on Claudio tour, November 22nd at the famed 9:30 club. Back to Frozen for a second, I think what also adds to its effect is its choice of quietness over busyness. You feel yourself believing it’s possible when Claudio sings,

“The flowers will be blooming
The leaves will be turning
And snow will be falling
While we’re making love
And the sun will be shining
The flowers still are blooming
Then leaves will turn again

But time will be frozen for us”

Sabrina Claudio can be found on twitter @sabrinaclaudio you can also find all of her music on her youtube channel:


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