Lo Moon & Phoenix Stop by The Fillmore in Detroit

Another fantastic concert experience for me is in the books. I had the absolute privilege to experience Lo Moon and Phoenix Live at the Fillmore in Detroit, Michigan.

First of all, from my personal experiences with concert venues — have to say that the Fillmore is probably the best one I’ve ever been to. The old-fashioned, uniqueness of it makes the entire love experience that much more memorable. It was built in 1925, so there’s obviously so much history there with acts from Motown and many others performing there.

Lo Moon started the show with an amazing montage of their own. Honestly, prior to their performance I hadn’t heard of them. But, they put on an astounding performance. Two songs resonated with me that was instantly added to my playlist. If you haven’t yet, check out their singles, “This Is It” and “Loveless.” Two very soulful songs that everyone should be able to relate to and appreciate.

They’re based out of Los Angeles, California and have that distinct alternative sound that I personally really enjoy. The band’s frontman/lead singer Matt Lowell is also a killer guitar and piano player as well. Cristina Baker was great on the synth/bass, and Sam Stewart was phenomenal on the guitar. If this band is playing in a town near you I would highly recommend to check them out!

Here’s their latest video release of “This Is It.”

The main attraction, Phoenix was remarkable as always. In case you’re a new reader, this is the second time I’ve gotten the opportunity to see them this year. Previously, I was able to catch them on their summer tour on June 5th in Chicago at the Aragon Ballroom. This time around was much different. One of the first things I noticed was they played a lot more of their older material. Songs like “Long Distance Call,” and “If I Ever Feel Better,” definitely brought back some memories for me back when I first discovered their music in 2009.

Also, they played their latest album Ti Amo almost in it’s entirety. A couple days prior to visiting Detroit, Phoenix performed “Telefono” on the Seth Meyers show and they performed it again last night and it was an exhilarating experience. But, my personal favorite performance by them last night was “Lovelife.” I was able to capture a minute or so of it and it gives you an idea how pure their live music is.


When a band sounds mirror image to how they sound on record, it gives the live experience a whole new vibe — that’s what I believe you get with Phoenix. All in all it was another great time at a Phoenix live show and I ensure you this isn’t my last.

Oh yeah, almost forgot — I just so happened to be walking right next to the band about two hours prior to the show. Of course we got the chance to chat for a little bit and it didn’t happen unless I got a picture right?


1 thought on “Lo Moon & Phoenix Stop by The Fillmore in Detroit

  1. Good review! You’re so lucky you met them! Jealous! Also, i love the fact that Im not the only one who’s inlove with “LoveLife”. When I saw them and they played it live I was so fucking happy. It’s like a surprise because their Asian setlist didnt really include Lovelife until they toured Manila. It was so surreal. I love Phoenix so much. They fucking sound the same with the record and never really changes the melody or how they sing any of their songs! Best ever concert I’ve been to.

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