New Jams Thursday: Purple Mountains Majesties & Khalid

It’s time for the third edition of New Jams Thursday (#NJST) a bit of a change up. For the last two weeks we have shined the spotlight on four uniquely talented woman vocalists, but this week we will feature two male acts.

First up, hailing from Costa Mesa, CA (Orange County, The OC) indie pop band Purple Mountains Majesties. The six-member group (Alan, Dave B., Dave M., Keith, Kenny & Ryan) made of a drummer, bassists and four leads who sing and play a growing list of instruments laid down some incredible harmony on their debut single, “Young, Fair & True.” Clocking in right over three minutes Young, Fair & True has two distinctive parts.


The first minute of the song there is slight under beats as the lyrics and the groups’ ability to match pitch takes center stage. The stretching of multilayered lyrics like;

“Love, the one the one and only emotion of the ceremony

It’s the earth, the sky, the woman and the man

The Matrimony of two souls who long to understand.”

Gives the impression that this is a song to be savored, but then the drummer introduces you to the grove along with the rest of the band and it is clear this is a song to be enjoyed, full out.

For the remaining two minutes you get the infectious rhyme with the lyrics turning into more of a chant than the sermon they started as. Before you know it you are tapping your foot and bouncing your head and the song mellows down as easy as it started. Orange County is known for a few select items, if Purple Mountains Majesties keeps cranking out jams like this they will become an OC staple like fruit infused water and views from Crystal Cove.

You can find Purple Mountains Majesties on twitter @PMM_band or their website

19-year-old Atlanta singer and songwriter Khalid continues to build his legend on his obvious talents and his genuine perspective. Khalid has already topped Billboard charts, earned a gold record, and finished a sold-out tour, released a work in progress entitled “Perfect.”


Backed only by an acoustic guitar Khalid sings a song of reconciliation. During the 2-minute and 40-second record, the artist is coming to terms with his shortcoming and his expectations. Vocalizing the growing pains that everyone has to endure to get from point a to point b. The choirs are both simple and sobering as Khalid rasps;


What’s the point of working for which is not certain/

I know I will never be perfect


There is a great possibility that this song will evolve or get pitched. Either way in less than six hours the song posted on Khalid SoundCloud racked up nearly 12 thousand likes and has been reposted more than thirteen hundred times.

What I sincerely hope Khalid continues to do is not bend to the pressures which previous R&B teenage superstars like Usher and Chris Brown faltered under. Khalid is making music that makes sense to him and his current experience.

You can keep tabs with what he has coming soon by following him on twitter @thegreatkhalid.


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