New Jams Thursday: Syd and Blanca

Last week the team at Latest Music Vibez debuted New Jams Thursday. Every week we will bring you two great songs that should become a part of your music rotation.

Last week we featured two international R&B singers Ta’Shan and Jada Kingdom. This week we stay stateside with two more talented singers Blanca and Syd. Coincidently both Syd and Blanca both broke into the music world as members of groups. Syd, as a member of the soul, R&B band the internet and Blanca with the Dove Award winning Group 1 Crew. Since those starts both have found success as they have ventured out on their own and if these two new songs are any indication some of their best work is ahead of them.

With her first release of 2017, Blanca broke in at 39 on the Hot Christian Music Billboard chart with “Real Love.” Real Love has a video both visually and sonically are paired downed and stripped of unnecessary extras.

The video is of Blanca, dressed in all black performing right into a front facing camera. Similar in subject to Tamela Mann‘s chart topper “Take Me to the King,” Blanca’s Real Love is about the dismissal of the trapping of the church that can interfere with the building of the relationship with your creator. The chorus echoes the sentiment of resisting the manufactured for the authentic as Blanca sings,

I don’t need no stained glass
To be washed in His blood
I don’t need no perfect put together pretty words
To be enough
I want Jesus and His real love It’s something that I crave deep inside of my bones
So you can leave your religion at home

The track is not overproduced and rises during the chorus, but otherwise just allows Blanca strong vocals and important message lead the way. This song is beautifully sung reflection; a moment to pause and check your intentions against your actions. With tour dates going through the end of the year, we are hopeful that the Puerto- Rican American who hails from Orlando, Florida, has more new music forthcoming. You can find Blanca on twitter @TheRealBlanca or her website


Image result for syd always never home

Last week Syd the Kyd drop a three track EP entitled “Always Never Home.” It is her second solo project this year as she released “Fin” in February. As much as I like all three songs, “Moving Mountains” is my favorite. The shortest of the three songs has Syd voicing her concerns about the quality of the love she is receiving despite the Heraclitean efforts she is putting forth. Super easy to sing along with, the first cut from Always Never Home takes you right back to that place when you were giving your all and still came up with empty pockets. From the opening verse, you feel Syd’s frustration as she sings,

I could write a hundred songs for you
Sing ’em all night long to you
Even break the law for you
Then tell the judge to blame it all on me
Still it wouldn’t be enough, baby
Got me questioning your love lately
Is it me or is it you?
Tell me what I gotta do

Syd’s soft and Melo timbre is backed by some deep bass cords and light drum patterns; all of it seems so effortless. There is something very intriguing about the more confident and assertive Syd on songs like “No Complaints” or “All About Me“, but I really enjoy this unassuming version of Syd. In addition to dropping the new EP, Syd rolled out a 22-city tour. Syd will be performing in the DMV twice on October 10th at the Filmore and in Baltimore’s Soundstage on October 13th. We do not have visual for Moving Mountains yet but you can check the song out in the meantime.


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