New Jams Thursday: Jada Kingdom and Ta’Shan

The team at Latest Music Vibez is committed to finding and featuring what is hot and important in the world of music. With that in mind, we present New Jams Thursday or #NJsT. #NJsT will highlight at least two songs that popped up on our radar that we think you should get into.

These songs will be from up and coming artists making breakthroughs and music vets dropping new work. So check back every Thursday for songs that will help you celebrate the end of the workweek and help you enjoy the weekend.

This week’s #NJsT present two newer artists take on the high and lows of love. Both international stars from Jamaica and Switzerland respectively, these two songstresses could be in our music rotations for years to come.

First up is Jada Kingdom with her debut single “Love Situation.” It is almost a certainty that you have seen Jada Kingdom before. The Jamaican beauty has over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram @Ms.Kingdom and was featured in the Sean Kingston’s visual for his 2016 song One Way. Currently represented by Pop Style management (@AllianceJamaica) Kingdom’s single has found its way on to Spotify and Ebro’s Beats 1 radio show.



Though much has been made about the video for “Love Situation,” it would be a mistake to allow it to overshadow the song. Very much in the downbeat reggae tradition, “Love Situation” is a layered track. It starts with a smooth piano intro, next is a steady, almost metronome tick toc, next Jada soft voice arrives and to round it all off a generous thump of the bass drum. While most songs need a spin or two to decipher the message, Love Situation is clear from the outset.

In the first verse Kingdom in her native patois states,

We got a/ love situation/ and did a wah mi get fi undertand
seh you cyah keep yuh dick inna yah pants/
you tink seh fucking every gyal mek you feel more like a man

Even if you never traveled to the Caribbean the universality of male unfaithfulness translates easily. What further pushing this song is Kingdom’s love interest plays the age-old game of saying that he is not like the other guys only to be exactly like the other guys. This sentiment and reaction give way to the second best part of this song the hook, which goes.

Anuh my time dem wasting
Anuh my time dem wasting
Anuh my time dem wasting
Anuh my time..

By the second time you hear Kingdom sing Anuh my time dem wasting you feel a shift from the stress of another failed relationship to an almost satisfying release from the built up pretense.

This song goes from I had high hopes for you to you missed out on a good thing real quick, which anybody who has been caught in relationship shenanigans knows to be the case.


JadaKingdom can be found on twitter @Jadakingdom or you check out the song and the video on her Youtube Channel.



Released at the end of August, Ta’ Shan’s “High” is an upbeat song boasting in the almost addictive enjoyment of a new love. Very much in the double entrada tradition of songs like “Mary Jane” by the late great Rick James or D’Angelo’ s “Brown Sugar“, “High” plays with the similarities between a chemically induced buzz and a physical, and an emotional lift. Produced by Switzerland based duo The Soundbrothers, Snipe and Kali have worked with familiar industry names like Fred The Godson among others. Sonically the track is a precise blend of clean piano chords and tom drum patterns. The lightest elements are a perfect canvas for Ta’ Shan easy flowing melody and lyrics.

“High,” is Ta’ Shan’s latest release and fits well in the every growing discography that goes back to 2014. The song is also accompanied by a video produced by frequent Ta’ Shan collaborator Jay of Gravity Motion Pictures. A bit of a departure from her previous works that focus on the real life struggles or the importance of holding fast to dreams. “High” as a song and visual is about living in the moment and taking full advantage of it. The song chorus allows you to spill deeper into a trance with every listen.

As Ta’ Shan sings ,

I want to get high/ don’t let this moment pass by. So high

I want to get high, high, high, you make me so high, high

You feel the stress leaving you even if it is for only four minutes.

Ta’ Shan, who is of Indian and Swizz heritage grew up in a musical family and found her passion for music early in life. After working on other projects she set out on her own and has been building a fan base in London, where she currently resides as well as here in the states. Known as the #BombayMami this multicultural, R&B singer is taking aim at some big goals.

Ta Shan can be found on twitter at @TaShanMusic or at her website


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