Brand New Releases New album “Science Fiction”

Brand New released their fifth and latest full-length album “Science Fiction” and it is everything your inner 18-year-old emo self-has desired.

Besides “Mene” and “I am a Nightmare,” Brand New has stayed eerily quiet since their 2009 release of “Daisy” and left hardcore fans something to desire over the past seven years.

Now available on iTunes, you can press shuffle the new album “Science Fiction,” on your iPhone and you are guaranteed to be thrown back in time. A time where you weren’t sure where your life was going, when you sat in your room and screamed or cried the lyrics of any song on Deja, because that feeling is going to come back, full force for your thirty year old self.

The opening song “Lit Me Up,” almost prepares you for a myriad of emotions you are about to experience listening to this album. iTunes describes the album as being driven by a certain intensity, the sense that things are either exploding or just about to. Which could not be more truthful, most of the songs on this album have a crescendo vibe. Songs like “Same Logic/Teeth” and “No Control” build you up slowly.

The vocals on “Lit me up” and “Batter up,” give a vibe of a bad trip, or a bad dream, that you don’t want to wake up from. It’s also full of deep cuts and ballads like again “Batter up” or “Could Never Be Heaven.” The vocals tie this new album into all the others, their sound is updated, but their vibe is the same, which you cannot say for most bands releasing an album almost ten years later.

If I had to choose two personal favorites off of the album, they would be “Desert” and “Waste.” “Deserts,” lyrics are intricately written, just like the rest of the album, but these lyrics specifically speak to me. “Waste,” gives me a “Play Crack the Sky” vibe with the instrumentals, and some parts vocally. If I had to choose a least favorite, it would be “451.” For no reason in particular other than it doesn’t sound like your typical Brand New, and could potentially be a song to attract newer age fans.

If you were into Brand New when you were young and vulnerable, take a moment and give this album a listen, you will not regret it.


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