Tancred Wrap-Up Their Tour With a Great Show

Tancred finish off their tour at the Great Scott in Allston, Massachusetts.

New England natives Jess Abbott, Kevin Medina, and Terrence Vitali are the trio called Tancred that took Great Scott by storm in Allston this past Sunday night. 

The sold out show left nothing to the imagination as Jess’ sweet demeanor surprised the crowd, mostly there to see Slothrust, with their loud guitar rifts, and melodic breakdowns.

Jess rocked a Boston Red Sox jersey as they ran in through the front doors half past nine, later announcing a mid concert that their five hour drive from Delaware to Boston turned into a ten hour drive from hell.

“We’re right off the bus and trying to keep it together.”

They had no problem keeping the crowd alive. The band hopped on stage, beer in hand, and snuck in a quick sound check before opening with one of their catchiest songs, Joey,  of their third full length album “Out of the Garden.

 The bar, filled with around 200 people, pushed to the front of the stage and became captivated by the grunge, yet slightly pop rock sound.

There is nothing flashy about Tancred, Jess’ meek demeanor, is not something most front women possess, but the loud bass and guitar rifts they’ve created, mixed with the deep but extremely feminine voice Jess has, make up for anything they may be missing on the front line, which isn’t much. Their sound is unique, and the crowd was feeling it.

They ended the show by thanking Slothrust for bringing them a long on tour, and left quite the message for anyone wondering where they stand on the happenings in Charlottesville this weekend, letting the crowd know that the racism and violence that happened is not welcome here or anywhere near them. The crowd cheered, which was filled with people from all difference backgrounds, and they left the stage.

Check out Tancreds latest release “Birthday Candles” on iTunes.


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