Ships Have Sailed Release New EP “Mixed Up”

Up-and-coming alternative rock band Ships Have Sailed have released their new EP “Mixed Up.”

Ships Have Sailed released their debut EP “Someday” back in 2014. After it was well received throughout the US, and in Europe, eventually it catalyzed a US tour and showcases at music festivals like SXSW.

The band went on to release their first full length album, “Moodswings” in 2015. Which was followed by an acoustic EP, “Whispers.”

Anticipation for their new project “Mixed Up,” was quite high — especially for myself. With this EP, I transferred from just a sporadic listener of theirs, to someone who will be yearning for their next release. 

One of the things I like most about Mixed Up, is if you’re a fan of all genres of music m, it gives you multiple all on this one project. 

It begins with the “Up (Low-Mix),” which gives you that vibe of today’s pop music. Very soulful, and quite exquisite. In my opinion, it was a great way to begin the EP.

On the second track, “Up (Trent.Remix),” it was definitely more of an up-tempo alternative sound with a hip-hop instrumental incorporated. Honestly, this is probably my favorite mix on the EP. It literally mixes together two of my personal favorite genres together perfectly. But, to each is own.

The third track, “(Up (Mike Vincent Remix),”   delivers that pop music feel, but definitely with a more up-tempo beat added as well. In terms of mainstream music, this one would probably receive the most radio play.

Finally, we’ve reached the last track on the EP, “Up (Stereo Vandals Remix).” This is another one I personally really enjoyed as well. It’s definitely got that alternative rock sound that is becoming more popular than ever. When it comes to nightlife, club life, whatever you prefer to it as, this is one you’d enjoy in that setting. Definitely a feel-good, dance/electric type of sound.

To listen to the project, click one of the following links. 


It’s also available everywhere else digital music is sold or streamed.


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