Interview with Third Eye Blind Guitarist Kryz Reid 

In my first exclusive interview with Latest Music Vibez, I had the privilege of interviewing Third Eye Blind’s guitarist Kryz Reid.

Around this time last year Third Eye Blind guitarist Kryz Reid and I had a phone interview to preview their appearance at the Lollapalooza tour, and their most recent album at that time — Dopamine.

This year was an absolutely unforgettable experience. Last year, I made plans to attend the show at Lollapalooza in Chicago and wasn’t able to make it. Once I heard about the Summer Gods Tour, I instantly did whatever it took to make sure I didn’t miss a show. Especially, when I saw they had a show in Indianapolis, Indiana. Which is only two hours south of where I reside.

With my excitement reaching an all-time high I reached out to Kryz to see if he would be interested in having a chat with me face-to-face if I attended the show. He instantly agreed.

Without further delay, here is the interview I had with Kryz moments prior to the show (which was amazing by the way.) We talked about fans that road trip with the band to see them on tour, naming his guitars after Star Wars characters, new music Third Eye Blind has been working on, and much more.



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