On This Day in Music History: Black Eyed Peas Make History

On This Day in 2009, the Black Eyes Peas ‘I Gotta Feeling’ starts a 14-week run at No. 1 on the US singles chart, ending the 12-week run of the band’s previous single ‘Boom Boom Pow’. It makes the band only the fourth to replace themselves at No. 1 in chart history, following The Beatles, Boyz II Men, and OutKast.

It’s weird to think of 2009 as being long enough in the past for moments to be considered music history. But, what the Black Eye Peas accomplished on this day in 2009 was nothing short of historic.

To solidify your name with The Beatles in any way, shape, or form is historic in itself. But, also to do something only three other artists/groups has done in the history of music? You’ve them stamped your name in some of music’s greatest of all-time.

Personally, I graduated from high school in 2009. With that being said, I clearly remember both “Boom Boom Pow,” and ” I Got A Feeling.” They were huge hits and were played on the radio at least once every 30 minutes. I suppose at the moment I had no idea how big they truly were in terms of where they were on the charts.

The Black Eye Peas may not still be as popular now as they were at this time, but  on this day they made sure they would be remembered for generations to come.


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