Phoenix Puts On Amazing Show At Aragon Ballroom

Phoenix has one of the top albums in the world right now with “Ti Amo.” They also have a live show that you can’t miss. One of those shows took place recently at the Aragon Ballroom.

Attending live concerts and shows is something I try to experience every summer multiple times. I’ve had the privilege of seeing some great live shows from Wiz Khalifa, MGMT, Bruno Mars, and many more. Well, after seeing Phoenix recently at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, I feel safe expressing that it was the best live show I’ve ever experienced.

Opening act The Lemon Twigs kicked off the show in a great way and got the crowd’s energy up with their unique live performance.

Phoenix, then took the stage and rocked the place! If I may add, they were on stage for over two hours performing songs from their new album “Ti Amo,” and their previous albums as well including, “Bankrupt!,” “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” and more. So, day one fans and new fans had plenty to sing along to and enjoy.

If you’re able to check them out and you haven’t already don’t hesitate — just do it. I was able to grab some photos from the event as well simply as a fan of the group.

Photo Jun 05, 7 43 32 PM
Getting ready for some fun at the Phoenix Concert

Thomas Mars at his best.
Got to the show an hour early to try and get a nice spot up close.


In contrast, my overall experience at the Aragon Ballroom was nothing short of amazing. It was actually the first standing only concert I’ve been to so I was honestly a little nervous about that. But,the combination of the best music vibes and vibes from the rest of the fans, it all contributed to the best live music venue I’ve ever been.

If you haven’t yet, check out Phoenix’ latest album here:

‘Ti Amo’ here –

Follow Phoenix:


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