Phoenix releases new album “Ti Amo”

Phoenix has officially released their sixth record “Ti Amo.” The French band’s first LP since 2013.


Phoenix has released their brand new album “Ti Amo.” Led with singles, “J-Boy,” self-titled “Ti Amo,” and “Goodbye Soleil,” this album may end up being the album of Summer 2017. This will be their sixth record, and their most recent one being “Bankrupt!,” back in 2013. Much like their past albums, this album is for the hopeless romantic individual. Love and desire remain to be the focal point from lead singer Thomas Mars. Arguably, this may be Mars at his best.

You can stream the album on either Spotify or Apple Music:


Recently, I was able to attend their show at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on June 5th. The Lemon Twigs opened for Phoenix, who also put on an amazing show. But, Phoenix gave hours of quality live music and once again prove why they are one of the best bands out. Not many bands can duplicate how they sound on record, live in front of a capacity crowd of 5,000 fans. It was an amazing experience and if you’re reading this, I highly advise you to check them out.


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